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10 Reasons to go to Open Mat - we have it every Saturday at 11am

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10 Reasons to go to Open Mat - we have it every Saturday at 11am

  1. Sharpen your skills: Open mats aren't structured classes, giving you the freedom to focus on specific areas you want to improve. Drill moves, practice escapes, or strategize with experienced partners to elevate your technique.

  2. Live rolling galore: This is your chance to pressure test your skills against diverse training partners of all skill levels. You'll learn by adapting to different styles, building confidence, and discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

  3. Deepen your BJJ knowledge: Open mats foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. Ask upper belts specific questions, exchange tips with peers, and observe others rolling to expand your understanding of the art.

  4. Break through plateaus: Stuck in a rut with your BJJ progress? Open mats provide an opportunity to experiment, try new approaches, and receive immediate feedback from various training partners. This can spark breakthroughs and accelerate your learning curve.

  5. Boost your physical fitness: Live rolling is an intense workout that improves your stamina, flexibility, strength, and overall conditioning. Open mats allow you to train as much or as little as your body desires, tailoring the intensity to your needs.

  6. Build mental resilience: Jiu Jitsu challenges you both physically and mentally. Open mats push you outside your comfort zone, fostering mental toughness and adaptability as you navigate complex situations and overcome challenges on the mat.

  7. Expand your community: Open mats attract diverse individuals who share a passion for BJJ. This is a great chance to connect with fellow students, form new friendships, and build a supportive network within the grappling community.

  8. Try new techniques: Feeling adventurous? Open mats allow you to explore different positions, submissions, and transitions without the pressure of structured classes. Experiment with novel approaches and discover new moves that resonate with you.

  9. Prepare for competitions: If you have competitive aspirations, open mats offer invaluable training ground. Simulate competition scenarios, test your game against various styles, and develop the mental and physical fortitude needed for tournament success.

  10. Have fun! Ultimately, Jiu Jitsu is about enjoying the journey. Open mats provide a laid-back atmosphere where you can embrace the fun and challenge of BJJ, celebrating successes, learning from mistakes, and discovering the joy of grappling.

Remember, these are just 10 reasons, and your own individual motivations might differ. So, why not head to an open mat and experience the benefits for yourself?




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This is an incredible opportunity to learn his Butterfly Guard Game! This seminar is open to all academies, with a discount for our Lamorinda and Calaveras students.

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