Sometimes, students want to learn at a faster pace, on their own time, and outside of a class environment. For this reason, at Lamorinda Jiu Jitsu, we also offer one on one lessons.

Benefits of One-on-one lessons at Lamorinda

  • Learn faster
  • Overcome challenging positions
  • Train with a black belt
  • Convenient scheduling. Lessons can be scheduled at any time during non-class time. The most popular times are early AM, before work.
  • Get the undivided attention of the instructor
  • Techniques are more detailed one on one, and students get immediate feedback & adjustments
  • For those that want to learn martial arts, but aren’t interested in a class environment
  • One on one lessons are personalized – students learn techniques specifically suited to their body type and fitness level

To schedule a private lesson please call (925) 956-9508 or email us at